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Okay.  Did anyone on the ol' Friends List Watch Dark Angel?  I mean... Seriously.  That show (well the first season of it anyway!) is ALMOST better than Buffy. 

I just thought I would inform everyone of that. 
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dark angel? is that what they call it now? o.o
Eh? Dark Angel was a totally different show... Heh. I probably should have clarified that.

Ahem. It had Jessica Alba in it.
I want to see it. Haven't yet. Meant to when it first came out...just never did.
I love that series so much <3 Season one rules. Season two? Not so great.
YES. Seriously. I think it is better than Buffy - or at least on-par with it. Seriously one of the best shows I've seen. Even though season two got a bit horrible with Joshua and the "Mutant of the week" episodes, it's a TRAVESTY that they left it where they did. If James Cameron had just been able to write a third season (and not pan it off to other, random writers who had little idea of what the hell they were doing, like in season two), the series would have just....shone out in the history of TV series.

I own season one.

I had to kill two hookers and a pimp for it.
Yeah, I watched it. It was amazing(the first season). Then later on, even the allure of Jessica Alba couldn't bring me back.
Ditto on that front.
That was a great show...I need to get those boxsets eventually
it is LOVE! <3
Dark Angel? Hellz yeah! I got seasons 1 and 2 on dvd box set for christmas 2 years ago. Definately a great show, better than Buffy with a kick ass plot line.
The first season was cool. The second season blew. >.> Buffy was awesome for three seasons, then went down hill then was cool for the last 2 seasons (though not as cool as the first ones).

Dark Angel was only enjoyable for one season and three, maybe four eppies. ;-; Not better than Buffy (but it would have been if they had gotten decent writers.)

I did like it's wit, though Joss is Far wittier than James.

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The OT that burns what?

I'm not staying in a hotel (I so don't have that kind of money). The thing is ten minutes away from my house and two away from one of my friend's houses.

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What's OT?

Okay. Good luck.