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Dear Fox:

I hate you.  I hate you for making most of the second Season of Dark Angel Suck (after the first season was so good).  I hate you for cancelling Tru Calling, I hate you for your stupid little fox symbol (What the hell it's not even a FOX!)  I hate you for the 4th and 5th seasons of Buffy (While, it was on the WB, it is still a FOX show).  I just hate you.

May people Burn your collective faces.

With love.


Ahem.  No I didn't just finish watching Dark Angel.  I forgot how GODDAMN GOOD it was.  Ahem.  Okay! LAST JOURNAL for tonight.  (and actually probably all weekend... so if you see me online yell at me to do homework!)

Good night journals.

I started my period.  If that bothers you; Maybe you shouldn't be reading a CHICK'S JOURNAL!

That is all.

Maybe I should just make this bitch friends only.  >.> Most of my entries are like... Friends only anyway.
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