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Emo kids!

I really dislike Drama causing Emo Kids.
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Oh god, I know. Ditto, more than anything. Seriously. X.x

EmoElmo: The Angst Puppet Within. A Bonafide enemy of the state.

XD!! I love how they're all Anti-America too. Like... What the fuck?! If you don't like it here: Leave.
LMAO! I know! I mean, I'm all for the right to question your country's reasons/morals, but half of them don't even know what the hell they're talking about. They think seeing "Farenheight 911" makes them an expert on international relations and government.


Er. And I possibly just spelled farenheight wrong, there. Damn standard mesasurement systems. O.o

A lot of them are all "I'm happy Sept. 11 happened."

I'm like "What the fuck!?" That is not cool.

Our country may have it's problems but being happy that so many people died? That's fucked up.

I think that's taking the dramawhoring to the extreme, just slightly. Don't you? X.x

How awful.
People who are emo all the time need to die. They're annoying as hell and if I could I would blow off their heads with a shot gun....